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Challenging time for businesses and its employees
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Times are hard with the growth in the number of people contracting COVID 19 in the UK and the rest of the world, with new strains being found that are easier to spread. This has caused the UK government to take tough new measures to lock down the whole of the the UK with the PM on the 4th Jan 2021 stating that the UK must entered a stated of lockdown under tire 5.

Businesses and companies have not yet come to grips Brexit and how to deal withs changes and implications. Both the EU and the UK are working on trade deals and terms that can achieve best outcome for both sides, with the services trade agreement yet to be agreed.  

We have seen a major decrease in the cashflows available to businesses as a result of the reduced trade, while the loans available from banks under the government schemes have been a help and the furlough scheme has been a real help for the employees of the businesses, until confidence in the economy and consumer spending picks up this is likely to be case for some time.

We can help clients review and plan their cashflow and many other options that may be available in the best interest of all stakeholders.

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