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About Us

MyGoTo Properties was founded by professionals from Medical Accounting & Properties Sector to help generate passive income.

Our Story

I started off as an accountant and setup  MyGoTo Properties LLP, one the UK’s leading accounting firms specialising in the medical sector.

Helping medical client’s with their tax and accounting needs, I helped clients grow successful medical practices, thus generating profits and cash.

On the other hand with the changes to the NHS and tax laws such as IR35, I have seen clients, hardworking doctors and dentists overnight having to pay up to 50% tax and uncertain with the future.

So with the need to invest spare cash and make money work harder for them, I got together with my property clients and MyGoTo Properties was born, to truly create wealth and financial freedom for our partners.

About Us

MyGoTo Properties was founded by professionals from Medical Accounting & Properties Sector to help generate passive income.

Who We Are

We are team of dedicated property investment specialists, drawn from a multitude of backgrounds including property, investment banking, broking, consulting, law, accountancy and government work together to deliver the highest quality service that our clients expect.

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Truly creating wealth and financial freedom for our partners

If your aim is to develop residential property or creating wealth to achieve financial, then not only can we identify the best projects, but we also join with you in your new venture as a Joint Venture Partner. This allows you to work along-side us all the way through the development process enjoying and benefiting at every stage from our experience and contacts through the development.

London & the South East has been a very successful area of business in the past, not only for the companies, but also private individuals looking to benefit from the great opportunities.

We joint venture with clients who tend to be limited on time. It’s a great business model; enabling you to accelerate quickly up the property ladder. We also offer ‘turn-key’ opportunities, i.e. where you buy the property and leave us to manage the rest of the process in order to achieve their desired plan, while sharing the profits along the way.
Our Partnership Scheme enables us to partner with like-minded property investors. We have developed a production line business model for buying, renovating, letting and selling high yield property.

The Joint Venture Partner receives up to 50% of the profit and Harley Street Property 50%.


Why Choose Us?

  • We have an extensive, proven track record
  • Over 16 years property investment experience
  • Existing, successful large property portfolio
  • Proven track record of delivering
  • Our opportunities are packaged to generate maximum profit with minimum risk
  • Very low risk opportunity
  • Comprehensive Investment Solutions
  • Prime investment opportunities in London and the UK
  • Previous investors have already received returns from previously completed projects
  • Investment opportunities structured to minimise capital outlay and maximise ROI.
  • Expert advice tailored to the individual investor
  • We turn down 95% of properties we source, offering you the top 5% of the market
  • Invest in the latest ‘hotspots’ in London & the South East
  • Complete investment packages for the ‘hands-off’ investor

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